The yoga student journey

The yoga student journey from potential new student to practitioner is not a straight line. When students come to class for the first time I definitely don’t assume they will want to dedicate their life to a yoga practice. I assume new students are trying it out casually and I don’t put pressure on them….

Q&A with Dawn Baurichter

I sat down with my mentoree Dawn (pictured here) to discuss her experience with Iyengar Yoga and talk about a new class she is offering this fall. Aaron Fleming: Hi Dawn, tell us a little about yourself. Dawn Baurichter: In addition to yoga I enjoy being outside, traveling to national parks and walking the trails….

Why we use props in yoga

B.K.S. Iyengar invented ways to use props to support the body in yoga poses. He saw that many people had difficultly achieving the poses and therefore could not reap the benefits of a practice. His props help when there is a limitation like stiffness or injury. At first, Iyengar used found objects as props, such…