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Post convention and still aglow

It’s been five days since I returned from the national Iyengar Yoga convention and I am still aglow. I have never attended a convention mega class so I didn’t know what to expect. I figured there could be a lot of sitting and listening to lectures–boy was I wrong! We were up and down, moving and looking, seeing and investigating the poses from every angle. It was incredibly fun!

I couldn’t believe how simple yet profound Abhijata’s teaching felt. She Gave profound, yet simple instructions that felt very tangible in my body. She was clear in how she was guiding us from pose to pose and also from class to class and day to day. She explained that the first day she was giving us a class experience–something just to feel in our bodies. As the days progressed she gave us options for investigating to see what the outcome of our actions would be. She was teaching us not just how to do poses but how to practice.

Abhijata was able to convey these profound, yet simple, ideas to an enormous variety of students. All 800 people in the room had something to do at all times. While keeping the big group moving she was able to give specific instructions for the pregnancy group, those who were menstruating and also the therapy group. And not only was she teaching all the different students but she was also instructing the audio / visual people to turn the camera a certain way or to turn the lights up or down. Her teaching skills were truly amazing. I am in awe of her poise and maturity.

Don’t get bogged down

Each day she reminded us to practice with a fresh mind and not get bogged down with the “right way” to do the poses. She wanted the teachers in the room to convey this in their own teachings, especially to their new students. She wants us to allow the new students to enjoy the poses, enjoy the movement, so they get hooked by yoga. Later on we can work to improve and deepen their practice.

I am so excited for the future of Iyengar Yoga! We are so lucky to have such a dynamic, warm, talented, commanding teacher leading the way. Thank you Abhijata for leading us in this new direction!

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