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Practice solutions

Students are still sending me feedback about their struggles / obstacles for getting going in their home practice. I want to share their feedback with you. I think it will helpful for you to hear.

Last week three separate students told me they have a hard time practicing at home because they miss hearing my instructions. They miss hearing me tell them how to turn their feet, what muscles to engage and what props to use when. When they get to their mat they are not sure what to do. It takes some thought.

One of the students told me they were surprised that a yoga practice takes some thought. And that creating the brain space for thinking about the poses is more difficult than actually performing poses. This is a very astute observation! This student could be on the cusp of something …

Creating the brain space is the practice.

I think what students don’t realizing is creating the brain space is the practice. The poses are just the means for trying to create the space. The want to do it and then not knowing what to do creates some friction in the mind, which is uncomfortable. That mind friction can create an avalanche of thoughts and doubts which turn into obstacles that stop you from practicing.

I am starting to get clearer on how I can help my students overcome the obstacles which keep them from getting started in their practice. I have come up with a variety of solutions but my ideas still need some tweaking. I hope to have more info next week.

Stay tuned!

(Here’s a video of me practicing AT HOME!)


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