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What is the Gentle class all about?

Supta Baddha Konasna (above) is one of the supported poses taught in the Gentle class.

Since we are offering a new Gentle class this fall I thought I would write some to explain what this class is like and who would benefit. The new Gentle class will be offered on Thursdays at 4:30pm, beginning on September 7, 2017. (You can sign up online or at your first class.)

First let me say that ALL people can benefit from a Gentle yoga class. Last year when I was traveling to NYC for teacher certification assessment I attended a Gentle yoga class at the institute. On that day, that is just what I needed. My nerves were shot from traveling and I needed to do a full class of poses with more support. So, you don’t need to have an on-going physical limitation to attend this slower class. Even those who love jumping around (like myself), can benefit.

The Gentle class is perfect for older students or ANYONE who needs a little more help getting into the poses. In the Gentle class we will take more time to set up poses and therefore have greater opportunity to individualize the prop set-ups. I will show the poses myself before the student tries it. And while they are trying the pose I will help them when they need it. But, Aaron, that’s what you do in all the classes?? Well, that’s true! But this class will be slower so that those who move more slowly can approach the poses with safety and confidence.

What types of props will be used? We will use the usual list of props — such as: blocks, belts, blankets, chairs and walls.

Are there any prerequsites? You don’t need to have any yoga experience to take this Gentle class. You must be able to 1) walk up the flight of stairs where the classes are held, 2) carry your props (blankets, belts, etc) to your mat, and 3) be able to stand up for a portion of the class.

What if I have an injury? It is fine to take this class if you have an injury, as long as you have your doctors permission.

What if I am old(er) and my balance is not very good? Great! This class is designed with you in mind. Bring your friends too!

*** The new Gentle class will be offered on Thursdays at 4:30pm, beginning on September 7, 2017. You can sign up online or at your first class. ***

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