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Asana for Spring Allergies

Iyengar Yoga is known for its creative sequencing. It is possible to go to an Iyengar Yoga class every week and never be taught the same sequence twice. In the beginning level classes there are similar poses taught week to week but hardly ever in the same order. Most times poses are sequenced so they focus on a particular anatomical feature or movement. But if the circumstances warrant, a sequence might need to focus on treating a certain condition, such as depression, menstruation or common cold.

All of the poses have their own innate physiological or psychological affect on the practitioner. If the poses are put together in a specific order and practiced in a certain way they can be used to treat a number of conditions.

Over this past weekend I had a mild head cold. I didn’t feel well enough to do an active practice so I did the poses that I know can help a cold. I held several quiet poses where my head was either on the floor or supported on a prop, followed by a series of poses where I my head was positioned similar to the shoulderstand. And wouldn’t you know it, my sinuses felt relieved. I still had a cold but I could tell there was improvement in my breathing. Enough of a change that I could attribute the change to my quick recovery.

If our aim is to practice on a regular basis then we have to learn how to practice when we don’t feel 100%. Besides, if we always wait to practice until there’s absolutely nothing wrong with us then we will only be practicing a couple of times a year. 🙂

Spring flowers and grasses will be blooming soon. And with them brings allergies. For our next Saturday Target Class we will explore a sequence aimed at helping spring allergies. This class is for all levels of students.

Asana for Spring Allergies
Saturday, March 24

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