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Mind Improvement, part 2

Back in December of last year I wrote that I thought the stress of the pandemic had shown that my mindset needed improving. I am writing now to give an update. We can all probably agree that most everyone–even evolved souls–can benefit from improving their mindset, their thought patterns. It’s part of the human condition […]


Mind improvement

My hope for my students is that they learn more quickly than me! It has taken me a long time to internalize the purpose of yoga: to integrate the body-mind-breath connection for the purpose of stilling the consciousness. When I started doing yoga I was 24 years old. I was immediately taken by the poses […]


All we need is love

At least in the United States, it appears the humans have really been struggling this year. The pandemic has shined a light on the worst problems in our societies. From systemic racism, to health disparities, financial inequities–we can see it all with better clarity now. Seeing that the problem exists is certainly a step in […]


The imaginary realm of yoga

To say that our current pandemic shutdown / shut-in situation is strange is an understatement. At my house some days are okay and other days everything seems hard. I imagine it’s the same for you.  Some level of acceptance for the current state of our lives is important. But I don’t think we should try […]


Stamina and focus in yoga

Why do we want to build stamina in our poses? Aaron Fleming doing the triangle pose–a beginner pose! The poses are the playground for exploring how the body, mind and breath relationship. We first learn simple actions within simple poses. (such as the triangle pose, seen here above). Actions such as how to lift the […]