Am I losing money if I can’t make up a class?

Since several students have recently asked me what they should do about classes they have missed I thought I would outline some of the College Hill Yoga policies, as well as explain why classes are organized in sessions.

The policy for missed classes is pretty simple – just attend another one during the current session as the make-up. This means that during the make-up week you would attend two classes, for example.

But what if the session ends before I can make up my class?

Don’t worry, you are not losing money. And here’s why:

The drop-in fee for a non-registered student is $15 per class. The per class fee for a student registered in a 1.5 hr class is $10. If you do the math (6 classes x $15 = $90 vs. 6 classes x $10 = $60), the student who is registered for a 6 week session and pays $60 is actually saving $30. Therefore, in this scenario, the registered student is receiving two free classes. So if you pay for your classes up front you get a discount.

One of the other benefits to paying up front is class attendance. In my experience, class attendance is higher when students pay for their classes in advance. A student who attends more classes is learning more and will often have a richer experience in the long run.

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