Welcome to College Hill Yoga!

Housed in Grace Episcopal Church in the diverse College Hill neighborhood, CHY offers a fun and challenging Iyengar Yoga program. Program director Aaron Fleming is an IYNAUS-certified instructor, certified at the Intermediate Junior 1 level, who has been practicing since 1999. He is passionate about the Iyengar method, traveling to India twice to study directly with the Iyengar family. Grace Episcopal Church is located at the corner of Hamilton and Belmont Avenues in Cincinnati, OH. Namaste!



  • We have moved to the Choir Room! Grace Episcopal Church was generous to give us access to the beautiful Choir Room. The room has beautiful hardwood floors, high ceilings and historic stained glass windows. Stop by and see us in our new “home”!
  • The current session runs March 3-April 16, 2015.

Listen to BKS Iyengar chant the invocation to Patanjali.

Our friend David Yearwood, of Portland Yoga Studio, giving a talk about Iyengar Yoga: